Monday 24 February 2014

Hobby consequences of my annual water rates

For a brief, beautiful, fleeting moment I had money. My deposit came back from my old landlord. I wasn't even planning to do anything with it, just put it into savings in case I had to move again at the end of this six month contract. Then the rates turned up, which I really should have expected but there we are.

Anyway, the current financial situation has led me to make a bit of a resolution. Since I need to save money I should get on with painting some of the Warhammer models I've got sitting around half-finished. Every hobbyist gets to that stage eventually, no one ever buys “just one kit at a time” and finishes it “before I buy the next one”. No one.

Let's pick an arbitrary big number and say that I will finish 100 models before buying any new ones. This might sound a lot but I play mainly Fantasy so that's five rank-and-file units. Hell, I've got two Bretonnian Battalions sitting atop my bookshelf and they constitute 90 models between them.

I have a mountain of projects half-built or half-painted or just waiting for a few finishing touches. I started painting some Black Knights in December, painted the bone effect and just... stopped, got distracted. I've been fielding them less-than-half-painted since Matt started his campaign and it's time to get them done. I need more models for my Zombie raising pool, I bought a box, never got round to building them. I really need to make a start on my Dark Vengeance set (Guardians of the Covenant for the Dark Angels, Word Bearers for the Chaos Marines). I bought some Death Guard kits and a Wight King Battle Standard Bearer at Games Day then I had to move and they got shoved in a box, unopened. I picked up Belegar Ironhammer just to paint and... didn't.

I did make a list of all the odds and sods hanging around and it was shaming. I had no idea how far behind I was on these things. 100 isn't exactly a drop in the ocean but it's less than half the list.

Time to get to work. Progress posted to the blog as I finish models. 

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