Sunday 5 November 2017

The SJWs are ruining the Realm Of Chaos!

No but seriously, folks, I can see the subject lines of the forum threads already. Why? Well, because of this fine and handsome individual...
the Darkoath Warqueen, a sequel to the Darkoath Champion from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower (himself a damn fine model) and advertised right off the bat as his boss. No, seriously, that's how she's described in the Warhammer Community article announcing her.

So, yeah, female character model for Chaos. Only their second, I believe, after Valkia the Bloody from many moon ago. She is also something I have been hoping to see for a long time (well, her and her minion): Chaos Marauder characters. I love the idea of a pure Marauder army, have done since the Lustria campaign introduced the Skeggi army list. Since my little group has been experimenting with homebrewed Fantasy armies and units recently (who's gonna tell us not to?) I've been thinking of doing some Marauder/Skeggi conversions.

So the Darkoath Warqueen definitely going to be my General, backed up by her entourage from the Shield Wolf Miniatures Shield Maidens box set.

Whether I use any of GW's official Marauder plastics is entirely down to whether or not I can convert some of the Shielf Maidens to sit on horses. If I can, all well and good, an entire Shield Maiden army! If not, well some dudes can tag along to handle fast cavalry duties and hold flails.

On the downside, there was some business recently about how GW didn't want to do Sisters of Battle until they'd solved the “boob armour” problem and here we are with this lass in bikini armour. Fantasy trope classic, of course, but its still bikini armour so maybe there's less hope for the Nuns With Guns than I'd hoped.

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