Saturday 18 November 2017

Can Millennials Kill Signatures Next?

Because it occurs to me that I don't really have a signature anymore. I mean, what do I even sign for anymore?

I sign for packages which, given that I'm almost always signing for someone else's, isn't proof of identity so much as proof of existence. I've signed for packages for people I don't know even by virtue of being the nearest neighbour around at the time. I haven't signed a debit slip or a cheque in a decade or more.

Hell, even when I'm at the bank and they need me to sign a little piece of paper with my signature I see it in their eyes, the silent “fuck it” when it fails to match the signature in their records (which I gave them when I was thirteen). Never mind that by this point they've seen two of three forms of legal ID already.

And this is coming from someone who, just about, grew up in an age when you needed a signature to pay for things. A few years younger than me and I imagine a signature, as in an actually repeatable way of writing your own name,is probably not something most people have ever had a reason to develop.

Even working in catering, a job with an enormous amount of legal paperwork, no one has ever questioned the fact I have approximately seventeen different ways of writing my own name and even then most of the paperwork just needs initialing.

(This post was brought to you by painkillers.)

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