Wednesday 1 November 2017

A Tale of 1 Warden: Let's try this again...

Hand, healed. Housing situation, no longer stressful. Yellow method, still in process of perfecting but looking at least consistent. I am ejected from the... no no no, focus, do not meme.

So, anyway, I can paint again and so its back on the horse with the Bretonnians (I hate myself for that joke, don't even bother). I have little to show for all the time off but everything now has simple base layers on them, I already have those eight completed Peasant Archers to use as evidence to myself that these guys will look good once the time-consuming painting is actually done. Also, my other project of the moment is my Black Legion who were very fun to build but who will be very simple, very quick and slightly boring to paint.

So, A Tale Of One Warden Month One, Take Two: let's get that Battalion painted!

Completed as of 1st November
8x Peasant Archers.

In Progress
8x Knights of the Realm
8x Peasant Archers
1x Pegasus Knight Champion

20x Men-At-Arms

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