Tuesday 14 November 2017

Ladies Fashion with the Themyscira Volleyball Team

Oh, good grief. I mean, really: on the left we have the Amazons as they appeared in Wonder Woman and the image on the right is a publicity still for how the Amazons are appearing in Justice League.

Seriously, DC? You're actually doing this. You're replacing practical metal armour that is based on actual armour designs and replacing them with leather bikinis? This is something you were willing to spend extra money on?

I don't know where to start with this. Do I start with maintaining brand consistency with the super-popular movie these ladies just appeared in? Do I start with the fact that said super-popular movie made headlines with its practical and non-sexualised armour design?

Oh, good grief, the bikini Amazons are even draped over a car, it just gets worse. Can we just agree that it says something sad about the state of things that the image on the left is what happens when you have Amazons in a female-led production and the image on the right is what happens when you have them in a male-led one? Now, I'm a bloke and I'm a bloke who is interested in women (and lamps, he quoted pointlessly) and I have this to say:

Stop it. Just bloody stop this shit. Stop acting like putting women in practical costumes is something you only need to do for those “woman” films. This makes you look bad, it makes you look like sexist idiots. This is a step backwards.

Still, on a lighter note I was glad to hear that Warner's stupid, stupid decision not to sign Gal Gadot to a multi-movie deal has led to her trying to strongarm them into removing an infamous sexual harasser from the franchise. Best “its me or the dog” play ever given she's the only thing critics have anything positive to say about the entire franchise. 

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