Sunday 24 April 2016

Tomb It May Concern (Lessons Learnt)

I think I'm starting to get the hang of Tomb Kings. Oh, I got crushed yesterday but every time I roll the army out I last a little longer and a little better.

This time round I finally worked out how to use my chariots: slamming an early flank charge into a weak rank-and-file unit (Night Goblins who had already spent their Fanatics), who I broke, ran down and overran into another unit. That other unit, a 30-strong Squig Herd, smashed me up but I took half of them with me. Skeletons Of The Match, right there.

I had a good idea that didn't work, sadly, but worth remembering. I tried to bring my Tomb Swarms up between two Night Goblin units to tempt out the Fanatics. If they had emerged odds were that the Fanatics from either unit would go through my Swarms and into the other unit. Sadly, I rolled a misfire and stayed underground. In hindsight I should have stayed patient and tried the tactic again next turn rather than charging in with my ranked units and Ushabti but... eh, hindsight.

My Hierophant needs a ward save. I already pay for one for my Tomb King but I'm starting to think those points would be better spent keeping the Hierophant alive. Every one of my three defeats have come off the back of the Hierophant dying so old Crookback is getting the Talisman next time and Amanhotep can look after his damn self.

I think I need to make some economies and get some Skeleton Archers in. Right now the army has a grand total of eleven bows, which is a mighty waste of one of the armies big advantages: shooting without modifiers. Okay, without modifiers on a mediocre ballistics skill, but still.

I might get rid of the Carrion. They're actually pretty rubbish. The original idea was to have them flying along by the side of the Necrosphinx to back him up but its not working out. They aren't that resilient, they only have two wounds. They're pretty much just filler, even if their suicide charge at the first Night Goblin unit freed up a channel of assault for the chariots. Basically, they exist only for the times I need something fast and expendable.

My Level 1 Liche died relatively early on, taking the Incantation of the Desert Wind with him, thanks to which I'm starting to think it's nowhere near as essential as I assumed it to be. Upon which subject, the augments on the Lore of Light are amazing so she's earned a semi-permanent slot on the order of battle.

Now, to get some painting done so my army can be more presentable for my next incrementally less embarrassing defeat. 

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