Sunday 13 October 2013

A Tale of Many Gamers: 1000 points army list

The first “monthly unit” deadline for A Tale Of Many Gamers is November 2nd so I should get started. I've built my ten Darkshards, which were a joy to put together, but I haven't started painting them yet. At the moment I think the sea green colour scheme of Karond Kar would suit, though I don't think I'll do the armour entirely in sea green.

Just to give me something to aim for I knocked together an army list. A simple thousand points to start, nothing too fancy until I know how much the second wave miniatures cost:

Master armed with hand weapon and shield, wearing heavy armour and a Sea Dragon cloak. 78 points
Sorceress armed with hand weapon. Level 2 Wizard using the Lore of Dark Magic. 115 points
10 Darkshards with hand weapons and repeater crossbows, full command. 150 points
20 Dreadspears with spears and shields, full command. 210 points
20 Witch Elves with two hand weapons, full command. 250 points
5 Cold One Knights with hand weapons, lances and shields, full command. 180 points

Total: 983 points

A decently equipped general; a basic wizard; a nice spread of Core choices so I can see what works before I start expanding; and some Cold One Knights because I love Cold One Knights. Nice and simple, relatively inexpensive, largely off-the-shelf (the Master I'll have to mail order). I wonder if I can get it done by Christmas.

(No, I can't.)

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