Wednesday 3 July 2013

Codex suplements wish list

I've never been much of an Eldar fan, they're one of the few armies that just don't interest me. What did interest me was that the book came out with a supplement for theming an Iyanden army. Makes me think what other supplements I'd like to see:

Iron Hands
The Iron Hands have some unique ticks that don't quite work with the current Marine codexes: Terminator sergeants in Tactical Squads; Dreadnought commanders; and a heavy focus on armoured support. This is also an act of personal bitterness on my part: I used to have an Iron Hands-style army in the days of the fourth edition “Chapter Traits” system which got ruthlessly invalidated wheen the fifth ed. Space Marine book came along.

I loved the Middenheim army list in the old Storm Of Chaos campaign book, I especially loved the models that came with it: the Priests of Ulric and the Teutogen Guard (basically Greatswords with hammers). The models went out of production years ago, long before I even thought of starting an army, and now go for grotesque sums on eBay. It would be nice to see them out again in Finecast.

Black Templars
The Black Templars were my first ever army, the very stark black and white look of them was what got me into painting models in the first place. They got a full-sized codex in the fourth edition but the march of time has rendered it rather... unimpressive. What it basically amounts to these days is a Codex Space Marine army with an extra character class and a lot fewer units. They seriously need some love.

The Lost and the Damned
I am not letting this one go! There used to be an army list in Codex: Eye Of Terror. It was a good and fun army list and I used it for years, perfectly happily until the fifth edition Chaos Space Marine book came along to shit on my chips. So how about the next time Codex: Imperial Guard comes out we get a nice variant supplement documenting what happens when Guardsmen turn to Chaos. That is, after all, what the majority of Chaos armies are according to the background.

And whilst we're on the subject: the Space Wolves 13th Company.

Flesh Tearers
Another affectionate choice. Blood Angels only madder. They got a special character in the last go-round because they are awesome and, frankly better than the Blood Angels in every way: more savage, better colour scheme, an excuse to have more Death Company models, less mopey and more killy.

I am heartily looking forward to where this concept goes next.

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