Wednesday 16 August 2017

Racists make the worst blacksmiths

On Monday, in Durham, North Carolina, protesters pulled down a Confederate memorial statue outside the county courthouse. I've seen the footage: it was pulled off a plinth and fell (if I'm judging the height of people next to the plinth right) about twelve feet.

Somehow, just from the fall, it ended up looking like this:
Now, I'm not a blacksmith but my best friend has taken some courses in the art and he tells me that is some really shoddy work. It turns out these things were churned out cheap in their hundreds as a way to make the South feel good about themselves after losing the Civil War.

Which they did. They lost. Its been a century and a half. Get the fuck over it.

On a more serious note, it is nice to see that the ultimate participation trophy here is as fragile as the special white snowflakes who feel the need to march through a half-empty college campus carrying flaming torches to assert their precious “white pride” and “traditional masculinity”. I mean, it is so important to these people to keep the monuments of their failure, their utter, pathetic defeat. Then again, given the number of swatstikas on display at Charlottesville these people have a positive fetish for failure, clinging to the scant consolation that cosplaying as history's boogeymen allows them to inspire fear like the emotionally stunted schoolyard bullies most of them are and that's all they have to lend some petty semblence of meaning to bleak , pointless lives spent hiding from the fact that quirk of genetics has granted them every social opportunity and they still managed to fail.

Also, I quite like that it proves you can just smash these things no matter what the government tries to tell you.
In which Confederate statues are rather like Richard Spencer's face, now I think about it. 

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