Thursday, 1 February 2018

Hobby: Fractional Progress February (aka James is busy this month)

Yesterday I had a short but productive painting session. I undercoated a Beast Of Nurgle and painted in the grey skin; painted those odd gill things on a unit of Hormagaunts; layered the yellow on the shoulder of a Deathwatch Kill-Marine (Marines Malevolent, as it happens); and, added some inks to the plagueswords on some Plaguebearers.

In all that was a little more than half an hour. I didn't get much done, I didn't finish anything (though the Hormagaunts are close to complete now) but I had a half hour or so spare so I slapped a podcast on and got what I could done while I could.

This is going to be the pattern for my hobby this month. I won't have much time to paint due to various real life reasons so I'm going to try and concentrate on having regular, short sessions and just seeing how much I can get done. Hence the name: Fractional Progress Month. A friend recently reminded me that even fractional progress is still progress and after a very unproductive January I'm ready to celebrate any advancement of my projects.

So, every day this month I will have some sort of hobby session. Even if all I get done is a layer of undercoating I'll do something every day and post up my fractional progress every couple of days.

And, God damn it, I am going to finish the basing on that bloody Hive Tyrant that I've had finished since before Christmas! 

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