Saturday 4 January 2014

Setting my hobby goals

Goal the First
Build my Vampire Counts up to 3000 points on a Necromancer theme. Dump all the Vampiric characters and units and go fully down a route of mad old bastards doing horrible things to dead bodies: Zombies, Skeletons, Wights, oh and a Mortis Engine, I love that model.

Goal the Second
Paint my Dark Vengeance starter set. It's been hanging around on the to do list for ages and I think the models look bloody lovely.

Goal the Third
Build a nice, solid core force of Bretonnians so I that when the new release comes (here's hoping...) I can spend my money on cool new stuff and have the basics all ready.

Goal the Fourth
Build and paint the Forge World Death Guard kits I got at Games Day. Possibly this will be done in conjunction with Goal the Third.

The Only Things That Shall Distract Me From These Goals...

If at any point this year Games Workshop releases multi-part plastics for Valhallan Imperial Guard or Sisters Of Battle all bets are off, just saying. 

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