Monday 5 September 2016

a note on building Dwarf Berserkers

There is a massive flaw in the Avatars of War Dwarf Berserkers kit, which is a shame because they are wonderful minis. It isn't insurmountable but it also wasn't something I could find a solution to online so here's the solution for all to see:

On every four-figure frame there is one Dwarf you basically have to build with a great weapon, You get three sets of paired weapons to a frame and one great weapon.

The great weapon assembly is basically impossible to build. It is composed of two arms, the axe and two separate components that join to make a hand that grips the haft of the great weapon. The parts all have to line up but all the joins are flat: no guiding pins, no useful curves that fit just so, just a lot of guesswork and superglue.

So here's the solution to ration out the paired weapons. The hand that is in far too many pieces can also be made to hold a beer stein or an Orc's head and other hand has an alternative component that has the Dwarf giving someone the finger. Add in the command group components and it is possible to build this kit without using a single one of those awful great weapons.  

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Iainspired said...

I'd say the bigger problem with Avatars of War is the horrible plastic that no plastic cement will come close to joining! Super glue only, and that's too brittle for regular play...

I got 3 of my not-Witch Elves built before I shelved them, but like a glutton for punishment, I'm looking at their hammerers for my dwarfs at the moment...