Thursday 9 April 2015

The Bat Man Of Shanghai

This thing is a year old but I only saw it because Hannah J. Rothman posted it on her tumblr. Its a Batman alternate universe set in 1930s Shanghai, the first chapter is here (if the link tops working just write “Batman Shanghai” in the search) and its has a playlist that'll show you the lot. It was an official DC production and, good grief, I want more.

I love the art style, sketchy as it may be. I love the Catwoman redesign that dumps almost all the traditional and modern aspects of her appearance yet creating something totally fitting for her and totally fitting for the setting.

Its a year later and I doubt we'll see anything come of this but it strikes me as a genuinely interesting concept that could do with more exploration. I wonder how other characters like Robin or Oracle would appear and act in this world, I wonder what theatrical tradition could be plundered for a Shanghai Harley Quinn and what Bruce's civilian life (hell, even his name) is in this world.

Or maybe I'm just pre-emptively jonesing for the Asian aesthetic since I'm going to run out of Legend Of Korra sometime soon. 

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