Friday 6 February 2015


The 1k version of my Space Orks is built and Matt has challenged me to a game on Sunday so I can get used to 7th edition before the campaign begins (which will happen as soon as the guy running it recovers from severe dental surgery). It'll be me with the Orks versus Matt's Astra Militarum Traitor Guard.

Matt's MVP these days is a fifty-strong Conscript unit (representing a Mutant Rabble) bolstered by a Priest which has so far proved nigh-invulnerable. The only thing that has really dented them was Ian's Leman Russ Exterminator and even then the Priest meant they just stood there and took it. Given this I felt I really needed more boots on the ground than I had so I've swapped out the Meganobz from my previous army list for twenty extra Boyz, two Zzap Gunz and an unupgraded Mek. It goes a little something like this:

Warboss wearing 'eavy armour and armed with twin-linked shoota and power claw. 92 points
Big Mek (wearing 'eavy armour and armed with Shokk Attack Gun. 89 points
Mek armed with slugga, choppa and Mek's tools. 15 points
20 Boyz armed with sluggas and choppas, 2 big shootas, Boss Nob with Big Choppa. 140 points
20 Boyz armed with sluggas and choppas, 2 rokkit launchas, Boss Nob with Big Choppa. 140 points
20 Gretchin armed with Grot blastas with 2 Runtherds armed with Grabba Sticks. 75 points
Fast Attack
3 Deffkoptas armed with twin-linked rokkit launchas. 90 points
Heavy Support
5 Flash Gitz including Kaptin armed with Snazzguns, bosspoles, stikkbombs and gitfindas. 110 points
3 Killa Kans armed with kan klaws and rokkit launcha, grotzooka and scorcha, all upgraded with extra armour 195 points
2 Mek Gunz upgraded to Zzap Gunz. 46 points

Total: 992 points

My battle plan is non-existent beyond the fact of having a pretty even split between ranged and melee units. To be honest what I'm most looking forward to is writing some background for these units based on their performance. I am pretty confident I'll lose, this being my first game and things having gotten rather more complicated since I last played.

Also this is the first time I've used an army that doesn't use the nice, easily recognisable weapons of the Imperium so I anticipate much rules flitting as I try to work out what exactly my units do.

But I must remember the sage advice of the 4th edition Ork codex: “Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!”

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